How Does Motivation Works

How does motivation Works

Finding a source for your motivation is essential if you want to get things done. The most difficult things in life require a lot of motivation to accomplish but before that, we have to understand how does motivation works. With an ever-increasing amount of distractions and opportunities to procrastinate around us, it is difficult to keep ourselves motivated these days.

Not seeing any visible results after a few sessions. This leads some impatient people to look for shortcuts. Some of the weight loss shortcuts found in the market, however, have dangerous effects on our health. To avoid these types of workout methods and to keep yourself motivated, you must understand how does motivation works.

Phases of Motivation Needed to Get Things Done

How Does Motivation Works

 There are three major parts of workout tasks where motivation is essential:

  • before starting
  • in the middle of the task
  • and before ending the task

It usually takes a lot of motivation to start a health-related task. The amount of motivation that we need is greater if we hate the activity. This is the type of motivation needed when you are trying to convince yourself to get out of bed in the morning to start running.

Many factors affect our ability to start tasks. You may not be confident with your skills to accomplish it, and you may be planning to learn more before jumping in. It could also be because of underlying fears that cause you to procrastinate.

It is also a simple scientific fact that starting any process takes the most energy – turning a light bulb on burns more energy than having a light bulb that is already on for the same amount of time. Once you get going, things will get easier, but you need to muster the energy to get started first.


However, this isn’t the only time you will need energy. A lot of motivation is also needed when you are in the middle of the task. You need the motivation to keep your focus on your goal until you have accomplished it. This challenge is most difficult when the task requires a lot of time before it is done. You will need a lot of patience to keep yourself focused on the task at hand and to prevent your skeptical mind from sabotaging your success.

Working out is most definitely an exercise in patience, and it is helpful if you are able to practice patience in other areas of your life as well. If you are comfortable with being patient, then persevering over time with your exercise routine will come to you more easily.

The last phase of motivation is usually needed for the final push to get a task done. This phase of motivation prevents you from taking too many breaks when you are almost at the finish line. Have you ever noticed that long-distance athletes will often push themselves to their limits on the last lap? With the goal almost in reach, they start sprinting instead of jogging, and this takes an incredible amount of energy and willpower to accomplish.

Naturally, people are vulnerable to procrastination when they are already near the end of their goals because they think that only a small amount of work is needed to get the task done. This is why giving that extra push at the end when you have almost reached your goal is especially important.

For tasks related to your fitness goals or losing weight, you will need these three phases of motivation. You need a lot of motivation to get off the couch and work out every day. You will also need the motivation to limit your calorie intake and avoid high-calorie food types. When you are already in the middle of a workout and diet program, it takes a lot of motivation for you to keep pushing to get better.