8 Worst Things To Do Before A Workout

8 Worst Things To Do Before A Workout

Pre-workout habits can either lead to terrible or amazing results, and you’re the only one who can travel on the path to your success. It can be as simple as avoiding drinking coffee or wearing the right clothes. Either way, with the right routine, your body will be able to function at a higher level, taking you closer and closer to the goal you have been longing for.

We at fititnow found the most common pre-workout mistakes and have some solutions you can definitely learn from.

1. Don’t Start Working Out On An Empty Stomach.

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Some people use a cardio “fast,” which is done on an empty stomach. The theory is that your body will feed on the fat and carbs as energy, which can help with more weight loss.

However, if you haven’t eaten anything a few hours before working out, your body might start to use protein as fuel. This means that that you will have less protein for your muscles to repair and build. Also, if you focus on using fat as your main energy source, it doesn’t mean that your body will burn more calories.

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