8 Common Gym Exercises You Need To Stop Doing Wrong

8 Common Gym Exercises You Need To Stop Doing Wrong

Sometimes little mistakes that you commit unknowingly while exercising, can ruin all of your efforts and can even lead to serious injuries.

So here are 8 common gym exercise mistakes that most people do wrong at the gym.

Whether you’re a beginner or if you’re advanced you need to make sure that you’re doing your workouts correctly.

Exercise #1: Lunges

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Let’s start with the lower body for our first exercise which is lunges.

Mistake 1: The biggest mistake that I see people of all different skill levels make with lunges, is lunging with an almost overlapping stride position, what I mean is that people will lunge in a straight line putting one foot directly in line with the other like they’re trying to do some complicated sobriety test.

This is wrong! you have to plant your feet a little less than hip-width apart for every lunge, while lunges can help you develop better balance.

Mistake 2: Another mistake is taking steps to close together when you take a small step forward, and lunge with your feet too close together you’re going to be making more of a triangle between your legs at the bottom of every lunge. usually, your knee will also wind up going past your toes, or simply just going too far forward, which will put excess stress on that front knee.

Mistake 3: The last thing about lunges that I want to mention, is that you shouldn’t let your knees smashed into the floor on every rep, you can definitely come down to the floor and lightly touch the floor with your knee, as long as you do it in a controlled way dropping to your knee. This mistake will not only can it harm your knee, but it’ll also take the tension off your legs at the bottom of every rep.

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